Photon Ports by Protocol and Purpose

Port Number    Protocol    Purpose
843    TCP    Flash / Unity Policy
4530    TCP    Client to Master Server (TCP)
4531    TCP    Client to Game Server (TCP)
4532    TCP    Client to Frontend (TCP)
4533    TCP    Client to Nameserver (TCP)
5055    UDP    Client to Master Server (UDP)
5056    UDP    Client to Game Server (UDP)
5057    UDP    Client to Frontend (UDP)
5058    UDP    Client to Nameserver (UDP)
6060    TCP    Client to Master Server (rHTTP)
6061    TCP    Client to Game Server (rHTTP)
6062    TCP    Client to Frontend (rHTTP)
6063    TCP    Client to Nameserver (rHTTP)
9090    TCP    Client to Master Server (WebSockets)
9091    TCP    Client to Game Server (WebSockets)
9092    TCP    Client to Frontend (WebSockets)
9093    TCP    Client to Nameserver (WebSockets)
19090    TCP    Client to Master Server (Secure WebSockets)
19091    TCP    Client to Game Server (Secure WebSockets)
19092   TCP     Client to Frontend (Secure WebSockets)
19093    TCP    Client to Nameserver (Secure WebSockets)

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